The Book More Calls
14-Day Challenge

Book Consistent High-Ticket Discovery Calls and Clients

  • Do you want a full calendar of high-ticket discovery calls?
  • Do you want a waitlist of ideal clients to choose from?
  • Could your calls and sales script use a close-rate boost?

Then this is definitely for you!

(Some of) what we'll do:

  • Clarify your numbers, niche and ideal client
  • Craft your irresistible pitch, sales page, and offer
  • Get consistent traffic and build your audience
  • Create a strategic content plan you can stick to
  • Build critical trust & authority, even in a new niche
  • Optimize and strengthen your call script for closing

How Does This Work?

If you sell anything over $2,000 (or want to), then you'll probably need to sell it "live" on a call or in person.
That's why this challenge focuses on booking consistent high-ticket discovery calls (and clients).

Week 1 focuses on booking more calls, and week 2 focuses on sales and converting (more) calls.
You will receive daily emails, tasks, videos (by me), and a printable workbook to keep you on track.

January 3, 2022

Learn with like-minded peers for community and support.

Daily Task Videos

Complete the daily tasks to stay on track for success.

Weekends Off

Catch up on the weekends to make sure you don't fall behind!




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