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No-BS 1-on-1 Business Coaching

Let's Get You Consistent 4-5 Figure Clients
To Take Control of Your Business and Life

My More Calls More Clients coaching program is ideal for entrepreneurs who (aim to) grow and monetize their audience, get consistent discovery calls, and sell out their products & services.

I'll go ahead and assume you probably also want (or wouldn't mind) to do these too:

  • Quit your job (if you still have one)
  • Choose your clients, location, and schedule
  • Raise your prices, revenues, and profits
  • Spend more time with family / at home
  • Make a difference where it matters
  • Travel, eat out, and buy nice things (that's ok!)

I'm guessing you're a great at what you do. Let's focus on the other, more important, and often-ignored half of the equation, which is SELLING what you do.

Personalized Coaching To Book High-Ticket Calls & Clients

1-on-1 coaching often provides the direction, accountability, and experience to turn any
new or under-performing underdog business into the high ticket "top dog" in your niche.

Working with a coach means having someone in your corner for no-BS guidance and support, and to review your offers, funnels, sales call script, content, proposals, and more.

Life is short, and your clients and dreams need you. Taking action and investing in yourself are the key steps that separate the real businesses from the mere hobbies.

Can you make it on your own? Probably, but it will take you MUCH more time, energy, and money than necessary. So book a free 30-minute strategy call with me below to explore the biggest opportunities to book high-ticket calls & clients in your business and funnel.

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The Nitty Gritty

Everything above is about WHAT and WHERE in your life & business I help you go. Now let's look at HOW.

Some of this might sound technical or complicated, but we will go through each important step together to make sure that your business is running on all cylinders. Some of these specifics we'll work on are:

  • Finding your perfect niche or specialty
  • Crafting your irresistible offer
  • Creating or reviewing your content plan
  • Optimizing every step of your sales funnel
  • Signing clients and making sales
  • Identifying and doubling-down on your ideal client
  • Creating your compelling signature package / product
  • Establishing your story, brand, and pitch
  • Learning high-ticket marketing & sales skills and tools
  • and more...

Hi, I'm Alan

I help coaches, freelancers, and service-providers to find their niche, build authority, and generate consistent, high-value calls and clients.

After years of experimenting, investing, and learning many lessons the hard way, I discovered / created a process to take much of the lead-generation and sales work off your shoulders.

I help increase and maximize the value of every lead and sale, so let's turn your time-consuming, underdog business into the top dog, by signing clients and maximizing the value you deliver AND receive ($).


What People Are Saying

Jason Rodriguez

Gym Owner - Origin Performance

"Working with Alan allowed me to find my niche, develop traffic and content plans, and to set up an automated lead and sales machine"


Leon Hutchins

Marketing Manager - Ruskin Consulting

"Alan helped us to finally clarify our customer and message, as well as to establish our email, content, and follow-up marketing systems"


Let's Fill Your 5-Step Sales Funnel!

Every business on Earth (the successful ones, at least) has a 5-step sales funnel, although some can look a bit different. A simple, effective funnel can launch and grow an entire business, so I work with you to create and find the biggest opportunities in YOUR funnel, and optimize them for consistent high-ticket calls and clients.

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The 2 Big Mistakes When Seeking High-Ticket Clients:

1) Believing in "build it and they will come": The short story here is that it doesn't matter if you have the best product, service, website, sales page, or widget in the world, if no one sees or knows about it

That's why we focus on your marketing and sales to make sure you generate qualified traffic, so your message gets in front of the right people to generate calls, clients, and cash, without just spinning your wheels.

2) Focusing on the wrong things: Many aspiring coaches & freelancers work hard to grow their business, often by creating more content, running more ads, improving their skill, watching more videos, and more. 

The problem is that they're spending all that time, energy, and usually money on the wrong activities and in the wrong places. Let's make sure you're focused on high-leverage actions to shorten your timeframe to success.

I help balance out your SKILL with the business of SELLING your skill (which matters more).


How does 1-on-1 compare to group coaching programs?

While group coaching definitely has some benefits (I may try it next year), I've found that private 1-on-1 coaching is much more useful to stay accountable, have support, and get faster results.

Will this work for ME and my niche?

Short story; YES. If your goal is to have a fulfilling business where you serve clients at a high level (and receive similar value)...

then we help you with the fundamental steps that apply to EVERY such business including coaches, consultants, and agency owners.

What if I don't have a product, service, or niche yet?

Then you're in the right place! We help you to find your niche, create your signature program, craft your offer, and more.

So how does this work and how do we get started?

More Calls More Clients is my 90-day coaching program to help you book consistent high-ticket discovery calls and clients.

Book a free 30-minute strategy call below, and if we're a good fit, we can get started immediately to help you find and serve clients.