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What the Heck is a Sales Funnel Again?

         If you run (or intend to run) any kind of business, then you already have a sales funnel. Your sales funnel is the process your prospects go through to become your customers. Here's an online business example:

         At the top/beginning of your funnel are all the ways your prospects can first hear about you and your product or service. Your sales funnel provides opportunities to build trust, present related products, and more. It also allows you to develop, improve, expand, and automate your entire sales path, aka customer journey.

         Once your sales funnel is set up and running, you'll increase sales and be able to choose your own clients. Remember, your business is NOT your product or service. Your business is the selling of your product/service. 

Alan Gudiel

I spent several years stuck trying to grow an online business. Things finally turned around in 2017 when I discovered marketing automation and sales funnels, which led me to read every book on the topic I could find on Amazon. I now help health & fitness businesses to develop, improve, and automate their online sales processes, to deliver the most value for the most profit.


Strategy Calls (Hourly)

Perfect to generate ideas, discover online sales opportunities, develop your marketing strategy, and more.

Sales Funnel Optimization

Optimize your existing marketing, including email campaigns, paid ads, sales funnels, content, and more.

Done-For-You Sales Funnel

I create your entire sales funnel which includes email campaigns, sales pages, up-sells, one-time-offers, and more.

Need 1-on-1 


Get my private coaching to expand or create your entire sales funnel, from A-Z. I'll guide you as you learn the ropes of SEO, paid advertising, content marketing, product launches, and more. I serve as your personal resource to set expectations, answer questions, analyze results, and ensure follow-through and success.

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